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What Is The WomenTransformed Inner Circle?

WomenTransformed founded by Brianna started as just a podcast and now has grown to become the WomenTranformed Tribe! Which is a tribe of women who desire to live transformed lives, see growth within themselves, and in their walk with Christ. 

We aim to take back control of our healing, mind, time, and wellness. We do this by coming together in prayer, fasting, worship, courses, live healing sessions, journaling, accountability, and simply by encouraging one another.

The Inner Circle is a 90 day membership program.

What The Inner Circle Consists Of.

Why You Should Join The Inner Circle.

The inner circle creates an opportunity for you to meet other like minded women who are seeking healing, growth, transformation, and strategies that help them create healthy boundaries and routines. You get access to exclusive content, courses, 1:1 coaching with me, and the accountability you need to start/continue your healing journey.

We also discuss strategies on wellness, management, finding balance, and practicing mindfulness. 

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